Fairy Tale Wedding

Deanna Jones at flowerscraps has an AMAZING freebie kit going out right now called Fairy Tale Wedding.

Its super pretty, in blues and greens.

Now i didnt have a wedding, nor do i have any formal photos ( that arent from me in HS and looking anorexic lol) so i just used it to scrap some photos of my boys. 🙂 Who else.



I know there was a third, but its escaping me right now, so just two will have to do. I stuck with the greens but the kit comes with beautiful blues and lavenders and an Alpha. ALL for FREE on her blog. So head over and snatch up her great kit while you can!

p.s. the download is in 3 parts. HERE is the first part. You will have to visit her blog to get the rest. 😀


3 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Wedding

  1. I forgot to mention the freebie over at my blog (really cute picture frame) if you know anybody that has girls….Now I am just gonna have to do a freebie for boys…back to the drawing board. Happy Scrappin’.

    Ruth Petty

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