Solitude QP Freebie and kit preview

Jodi Watson has this beautiful new kit in greens and purples called Solitude. Seeing it made me think of some of my fav nature photographs ive taken over the years. it was hard to pick just two, i  think i pulled about 15 into a folder hehe. But here are two of some of my fav photos and made 2 pages. And a lovely quick page for anyone who would like it. 😀

This budding Lupin is one of my most favorite photos. Taken just last year in early spring, it shows the promice of good weather, summer fun, and simplistic beauty. It makes me crave spring ( which sadly is still a month to two months away for me)


Another one of my fav photos. This is a moth, taken on a kodak point and shoot 4 years ago.  This  thing was lightning fast and never stayed still for more then a split second. you cant even imagine how HARD it was to take photos of him. But wow, what a beautiful little creature. It was probably an inch or so long and hovered in my mothers pansy bed for about a week.  To this day, i love this photo of this little critter.


As you can see, this kit is so pretty, and i love her new abstract style flower that is in it! Seriously gonna have to use that in other pages hehe. Its a great feture and i hope she uses it again.  But i said there was a freebie, and here is a simple quick page for you.Please click the image and download the file from 4shared to ensure you get the proper quality image.



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