Ups and Downs

For those of you who are following my pregnancy.

im having alot of ups and downs. Some days i feel almost human again, and others i just wish i was asleep. In a black room with water running. Its pretty rough when im down.

I had stopped taking my medication in hopes of weaning myself off it, but that wasnt a very smart choice. I was getting sicker and mor dehydrated, so i think im just going to continue taking the meds. I have more up days when i do that.

In good news. im 14 weeks now. Safely into the second trimester. Next week i have another OB visit, ill be getting labs drawn and im going to talk to him about Thyroid issues. I was told that ladies with Thyroid issues often have pregnancies complicated by HG. Its by NO means a cause of HG, but it is something that was noted as possible to make it worse. Seeing my mother, grandmother and every Aunt ( 4 of them) on my moms side have had thyroid issues. ( my mothers was burned out years ago and im pretty sure several of my aunts were as well) its possible i am having thyroid issues. Worth looking into. Seeing they are sucking down my blood anyway, why not ask for that test too hehe.

At my next appointment, i also get to schedual my “BIG’ ultrasound. Or so im pretty sure. It wont be for another month, BUT its exciting! If not this one next week, the the one following. Either way, its coming up here in the next 4-5 weeks. I really hope its a girl.

Anyway, there is a mini update. I had alot of clamoring for Belly Photos.  So i figured i would share what i look like at 13.5 weeks.

Its a terrible shot, just me in my bedroom mirror with my point and shoot. BUT thats me. Not showing at all. I g uess im lucky this time around, maybe i wont get so big with this one. 😀



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