So cravings really suck. Its like, when you want something. NOTHING else is good. It dosent fill you up, stop the thirst. Nothing. And trying to squash cravings. Now that is stupid…
See, im craving soft ice cream. A stupid vanilla cone at mc donalds that is like a buck fifty. Do youi know how much it sucks to live like 10 miles from mc donalds and not be able to go and get a damn ice cream? Ive been wanting one for like weeks…. talk about sucking. 😦
so i tried to eat something else. Some mint cups covered in cocolate. hey i got some white in there, mint lol… Didnt work, i ate like 5 of them. Stupid me. Now i feel sick. 😦 sucky sucky. and top it all off… i still want the damn ice cream.
I hate commercials.


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