Rough week

Im having a rough week. At my ob appointment on monday, they commented on my weight loss… yeah up to 17ish lbs now. The nursed ask, are you even trying to eat…. ummm not really. I suck on grahm crackers… i suck on applesause, but no i dont try to eat very often. Sometimes ill drink some soup broth, but who wants to eat something when you just bring it back up a few minutes later? Then we couldent find the babies HB, which has me really stressed out. I hope everything is ok. I wont know untill next Wensday.
Then i had a good day yesterday, i didnt throw up at all, and not only that, i bought myself a sub at the store ( i went to the store!!!) and ate it all. And kept it down. But within an hour of getting up today, after i took my meds, i got sick. I ate one bite of banana and started getting sick… stomach bile…. ugh. So now im back to ghram crackers…
Im just dead tired… i want to go back to bed, but tony is hogging the cough and i cant go to bed bed with Conner awake… 😦
Ill figure something else out. I know its not fun to read about me being sick all the time. but its all that is going on right now…
I hope things get better soon and maybe ill feel like doing something more then lay on the couch…
ok, im at my limit for sitting up, starting to feel sick again.. back to bed.


2 thoughts on “Rough week

  1. Oh he is doing all the work around here. Im just a couch leech…

    Brennans was bad, but conners was simple and nice. This one has been hellish… Hopefully the crappy parts will end and i wont have a pubic bone seperation like last time.

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