12 weeks

Saw my OB today. Everything looks pretty good. We couldent find a HB, but he says the baby is just too low. So im going back next week to try and hear bebe. If nothing then, ill get my 4th US. So im crossing my fingers for good news… this pregnancy has been so hard, i just want everything to come out ok.
Sigh…. I hope its ok. I dont want this to all be for nothing. I really dont.


2 thoughts on “12 weeks

  1. The Pregnancy Period: Mother & Baby Safety

    Pregnancy is generally associated with joy. Safety should also be a primary concern during the pregnancy period.

    The first three months of the pregnancy period require particular care. Mothers-to-be should try to avoid medication for the nausea that is linked with pregnancy. They should learn as much as they can about pregnancy so that they are well prepared for the hormonal and body changes, mood swings, etc.

    A happy atmosphere should be maintained around the pregnant mother-to-be. She should eat well, exercise – and get ready to enjoy her motherhood!

    Have a great time. Good Luck

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