Where oh where

Wow, i weighed myself this morning. Im trying not to do that too much. Because im not eating much at all, so im loosing alot of weight. Which under other circumstances might be nice as i was a wee on the fluffy side before. But anyway back to my point. I now weigh as much as i did after i had Brennan. Before i took a depo shot and gained like 40 lbs.  I acutally havent weighed this much in almost 5 years… This much. or this  low?? Whatever…

Its a bit disconcerning, ive now lost 17 lbs in 3 months.  Im sure ill gain it back, once the morning sickness is under control… which means different medication…. boooo.

Im hungry right now, but we are out of “gentel” foods. Things that go down and come up easy, like applesause.  But we can go food shopping later this evening… if i can make it. Stores arent good on me. I get weak and dizzy and need to sit down alot. So its a run and grab what we need and get to the car before Lina dies. :/ We also are having dinner with Tonys parents.  While into itself its not that bad… but they smoke in the house, and wont go outside. Im in their house, not them in mine. I dont have a say in the matter… And i wont eat more then likely. Tacos dont come up well… I might have a tortilla…. But even so. I cant bow out without being terribly rude… and i have to go shopping afterwords. So im kinda sunk.


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