Home made Pizza Rolls/Bits

Ok, ill admit it, i saw this on another blog, but hey i added a bit to it myself and what do you know.  Its really good! Now i made a ton, so it took me about an hour in prep time, but like i said, i probably made about 50 pizza bites lol. Plus it was my first time so i made some mistakes. 😀

Here is what i used.

Left over spegetti sause ( mine always has burger/sausage in it a plus in this case)

cheese -mozerella and colby jack

canadian bacon ( another staple in my house, i love it on sandwiches and whenever we buy a cook at home pizza, i add my own)

cresent rolls, and some dinner roll dough.

Pam with olive oil

And here is what i did. ( i used the pam ( with olive oil) to spray my cutting board and pans so nothing stuck to it, USE something to keep the dough from sticking)

Got all my supplies.


i unrolled two triangular crecent rolls and made a big rectangle.


my first attempt, didnt go so well, so we will skip to a try that did work! lol ( outtakes at the end??)

cut them into halves or thirds. Both worked out well for me although haves make them quite large in the end.


sause on each third


top each piece


and roll as shown above in the corner. That one split because i didnt seal the edges very well. I did better farther on. Remember, FIRST attempt lol.

First set in the pan to be cooked


and cooked kinda funny too lol.


Things i would do differently.

Different sause.

Tony made the spegetti, and he didnt want my help, so it was kinda blah. He just didnt know what seasonings to use. Needs  more spice to it. Yours might be different. and more cheese. I just didnt put enough into it.

But here are a few more photos!

my oopse, trying to make it all at once. I didnt cut the first one first… Not a good idea. But it shows my insides/ toppings.



yum yum yum


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