Dried Flowers by Throwing Some Scraps Around


Jodi sent me a wonderful kit she called Dried Flowers. Browns, sage green and lavender ( although in exporting or uploading, one of my layers was lost.  Ill be on the hunt!) It has some beautiful decorative elements, some butterflies, and of course, dried flowers! I thought it was a very pretty kit to use on our new family member, Mittens.

If you love the kit you should go stop by Jodis blog and pick it up!

Usually i would have some freebies for you, and while i have them all made up, my computer is being a PITA so i cant get them finished for you yet. Hopefully soon ill figure out what the issue is, and you will have plenty of freebies from me! Till then, enjoy the page and visit Jodis blog!


3 thoughts on “Dried Flowers by Throwing Some Scraps Around

  1. Hi Lina….she is adorable! Does she purr? I love a good purring cat! I am glad you are hanging in ther…hope you feel better soon with the strep…let us know how you are!

    Love Jodi

    • Oh shes a big purbox. Its so funny she pers louder the n she mews, so when she tries to cry, it sounds so soft, but then you gt her hold her down and pet her. and the purr goes off loud enough to wake someone else up 🙂

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