Garden Party By The Scrapping Tree

Ill admit when i first got this kit, i was a bit dumbfounded. I really didnt know what to do with it. It was insanely bright and colorful with so many fun elements that i knew i would never be able to use all of them. Well for one, there are some fantastic girly flowers in there ( not so good for my all male house) but i tried my hardest to use them up anyway hehe.

Well the kit has kinda been sitting around for a while. Just WAITING for something fun to pop up in photos, and with my recent state of being, i havent taken many photos. Thanks to some medication called Zofran, im up and moving a bit more, but still not at half power. But i did manage to take some photos that just fit so well right in with this beautiful kit!

So head on over to The Scrapping Tree and see more examples of this awesome and colorful kit, or just hit up the stores and buy it for yourself. You really WONT be dissapointed with this one!

And here are my layouts!


This is conners Scrub cap from when Brennan had surgery a week ago ( i havent written about it, the photos are still on the camera… once again) The nurses thought he was hell on wheels, and loved him so much, and gave him his own scrub cap. Which he adores hehe.

And to show off some more of the beautiful elements, i put this together too.



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