Bed Rest

well at my ob visit yesterday, my doctor decided i need to go on bed rest. Or as much of it as i can get taking care of a house and two kids allready.
While we know im spotting because i have to pass the twin that never grew, i also dont want to pass the one that did.So im supposed to take it as easy as i can. Haha right. Ive tried not to do much. and i really havent, fed the baby, did some laundry and got online. And picked up a bit, but im not like some people with tons of family beating down my door to clean my house, cook some meals or watch the kids. Im kinda on my own when it comes to that kind of thing. Ive been trying like hell to make meals that last, but my family likes to eat lol. Oh well, ill do the best i can, i always do. Even if my house is thrashed. My kids are eating, even if Tony has to cook ( which he reaches for raman and macaroni and cheese, hear me cringe) and he tries to help, but he really dosent know what to do. or where to put things, and i dont fault him for that really. He gets the dishes done and thats enough that we have clean plates to eat off of.
Sigh, so ill still be around, just might not be as often as before. and cross your fingers that i stop spotting soon. The spotting i can deal with, passing of clots and ive been stressing alot. So yeah… sigh. theres what is going on.


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