Little Soul

3 weeks(ish) ago we were told that my pregnancy was not a viable pregnancy. There was no baby.

However i held out. I couldent imagine why i was so siick, my uterus was growing. It didnt add up. So i refused medication to make me loose the pregnancy….

It was the RIGHT choice.

My US results today.


(P.S. This awesome kit is a collab kit from Jodi At Throwing some Scraps Around and Jody at JIC creations, im not sure when you can get it, but its HUGE and full of some really cool valentines day things! Keep it in mind! Ill be working more with this kit later.)

3 thoughts on “Little Soul

  1. Whoohoo! I am sooo happy for you! Not happy you are so sick with the little one… but so happy he/she is still there, handing on! I have goose bumps…I have been watching here for a few days now waiting for word…Yeah!!

    I can’t see the picture….

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