Back to normal… Mostly

Well i now have access to all my files on the computer. I ended up loosing one of my fav programs to scrap with, Scrapbook Max. I cant open exicutable files on the partition. And i long since deleated the instalation. So if i want it back ill have to buy it again it looks like. Bummer deal. Maybe when we get our tax returns ill get it again.
That happens sometimes lol.
Not too much going on in the home front here. Tony returns to work ( thankfully) on the 15th. He has been doing some off and on things now and again, but its been pretty frustrating as far as how often he is home. Im not used to it!
Sigh, everyone here is sick once again. We keep managing to get some nasty bugs being brought home. We are all dowing Emergen-C and vitamins in hopes to pass it off soon. Not too much luck so far though. Hopefully soon…
well yeah that is pretty much all that is going on.


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