Conner has done pretty well with getting his shots. He didnt start getting his shots untill he was over a year old. ( Personal preference) and he wont be done for another 6 months. But he has never had to have his blood drawn before. I was so nervous. My stepfather is in town, and Don is by far, Conners favorite person. So i asked him to come. He was more then happy to. He actually held Conner and talked to him the whole time they were sucking out blood… Alot of blood. Several vials of blood. Brennan watched entranced, and the rest of us Hovered to watch the lady who was poking our baby.
He never cried. My stepfather talked the whole time, in that talking to a small child voice, about a mouse that the men at the mine ( where he works) has been adopted as a wild pet. They feed him, leave him dishes of water ect. He also held Conners face to him, so he wouldent look at what they were doing. Filling vial after vial of blood….
And so the natural question is why. Why would you put your hcild through torture.
Conner is finally getting an allergy panel. With his gramma having Celiacs Disease. So we want to know NOW if there is something wrong with our kids, something that is making them sick. Because they ARE sick alot. So this is step one. Hopefully it comes back and we get some answers.

Well i have a busy day, im going to wrap preasents ( we FINALLY went shopping yesterday, and just have 2 or 3 more to grab today) and then im going to scrap as i am kid free. Don is in town, im not going to escape my kids leaving for the weekend. In face he just called to let me know that he is going to take my kids, my cousins kids and one of his cousins kids into the city and take the christmas light tour! So they will love that. 🙂 So i am again Kid free.

OH i finally got to watch, The Happening. WOW. That movie was… blood pumping. All of M. Night’s movies are though. They make your heart work harder. And Prince Caspian. Gosh another well done movie for the Narnia series. Beautiful once again. YAY. I wonder what other new movies are out that i havent seen lol.

I have to go, time to get dressed for my day.



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