The Scrapping Tree

Hey all, I joined another CT team. I cant help myself, thease people are sooooo goood! And i have so much free time anyway. Like today. its 11 and Brennan is off at school for 2.5 more hours, and Conner is still in bed after having a terrible night. So im free! lol.

But in reality, wow, the Scrapping Tree makes osme beautiful kits. Her freebies juist took my breath away so i decided to ask to join. I guess they liked me because here i am. 😀 Yeah im cheesy i know. But i got a chance to download all of her beautiful kits, and her latest Freebie. An Icy Christmas was just amazing! WOW. So i made myself a christmas card out of it. Yes i printed them any everything. I really liked the kit lol.

So here is that lovely card.


Arent the embelishments just awesome! I love glitter lol.

So Be sure to check out Veronique Pettingill and her totally awesome kits at the scrapping tree.

( for some reason my editor will not let me make a link, so look directly to your right, Find the link For The Scrapping Tree and check her out! Great stuff that -a- way ( all my CT teams are awesome!)


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