Busy Busy

Well my life is finally picking up! Whew i was starting to think i was going insane there, every day, doing nothing, just the kids and the internet to occupy me. Seriously i was going insane!

But the last few days have been super busy and i like it! Im a creature of action it seems lol.

Last weekend we went into the City. I think i mentioned that, and we spent all day there, doing some Christmas shopping, my mom and I. If you dont notice, my mom is my best ( and really only) friend lol. Anyway that was alot of fun. Well today we did the same. My sickkie kids in tow ( medicine helps alot) she had to go to the City and pick up her new bed frame, a pretty wood one. We also stopped at the mall, hoping to see santa, ( our town dosent do santa… 😦 )  But the kids werent too interested in seeing santa. Actually Brennan threw a fit and Conner just cried.. .I mean after Santa gave him a candy cane he got happy again… but he wasnt ever “Happy”

We came back and ended up putting her bed together and she bought me a REAL Christmas tree! ( my mom is a pretty generous person ) So the boys had alot of fun smelling their first real christmas trees! Its actually really nice spending time with my mom, the boys just love being with their Ammie, and its nice to have an adult that i get along with, to talk to. ( im probably a pretty disagreeable person hehe) So for my mom, I made this!


Kit Earth by

Blue Dream Designs-

Tomarrow is going to be another busy day. I want to take hteb oys to the doctors and get something stronger for their coughing. Nothing seems to be helping them much anymore. And we are getting paid, so it will be nice to go christmas shopping! Or at least get some decorations for our new tree! YAYness! And the rest of the week is heading much the same. lol. Or at least bits and pieces of it. We have to get all the rest of Christmas dinner, get our shopping done for gifts, a pediatrician well baby check up, and breakfast with Santa at Brennans school. ( which i REALLY want to go too, but it might be at the same day and time as Conners well baby checkup.)

So we will see. Im sure ill have plenty of evening time free, as always so look for me then!

Well this has been my 2 minute update, have a fantastic Day!


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