What does that mean to you. Intuition… To me, it screams Woman. No dont get your panties in a twist, let me explain. Ive always heard about a womans intution. A woman can just FEEL things, just know some things. The eyes in the back of your head. Honestly, moms out there, how many times have you just known your kid was getting into trouble, just known it. I know i do all the time, and my boys are only one and four.  That and quiet is a bad thing in my house hehe.

So to me, hearing Intution means my mother. Never letting me get into trouble, no matter how hard i tried. Being able to look at me and KNOW ive done something wrong, or was about to. Always calling me on my ****. motherly things.

When Jodi sent me her new kit called Intuition, i knew i was going to make pages out of it, using my mothers photograph. While i know she would go on and on about how they are “bad” photos, oh well. Its my mom lol. The second photo i used is a photo of my stefathers mother. Again, going with my mother gut feeling of Intuition. 😀 I enjoyed using Jodis lovely new kit and you should too! Its avaible on her blog HERE and in her stores. And HERE are my new layouts using Jodis Kit Intuition.



And who would i be without offering up a freebie too!!!

I made a set of 8 ribbons to match Jodis kit, 4 wide and 4 narrow. I also made a button from one of her jeweled decorations and added it into the zip. As always please abide by the TOU.


HERE are the Ribbons.



And HERE are the QuickPages

Everyone have a WONDERFUL day!!


2 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. Thanks for the QP’s. I like that the first one is pretty generic – I raised boys and once they were teens, well, I don’t want to put them into anything too flowery or femine.
    You are a good looking couple with a couple of great looking kids!

    • Oh i agree. as a mom of boys, it seems like MOST scrapkits out there are rather girly. And i dont like putting flowers on my boys pages lol. So when i get a chance to work with designers ( which im very lucky to work with three at the moment) i try to make some quick pages that are more boyish. At least as much as i possibly can.
      And thank you so much!

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