Happy Holidays

I ddi the boys Holiday photos last night, well one sat of them. Most people know how i like to take their photos. Of course i have to bribe both of them to do it, and you will see how they are bribed. Conner is showing it off lol. Tonight we have family photos at Hell-Mart, for which we all have matching outfits, well as matching as one would get in a color scheme. which is black (Tony, Adam, and Brennan) Maroon ( mom Rebecca and Conner) and Cream ( me, all alone, but there is cream in the kids shirts too!) The kids sweaters do have all three colors in them. Oh i cant wait to get those photos. Mom isl ike, im not spending over a hundred dollers on photos again… oh yeah you will mom, because that is you.  Plus Rebecca needs her school photos because she dosent want to waste my ink on printing the school photos i did for her. Photos HERE.

So anyway, here are some of the kids pictures that i took lastnight, ok here are my fav of each boy and the ONLY group shot that even remotely comes close lol. I gave up on a group shot this year in that set up.

The bribe ( also needs to be color corrected.)

It almost works lol. I didnt even bother correcting his eyes lol.

This one is slightly better but not really…. We have crappy lighting in our house.. and oh i wont get into the technical crap, it sucks ok..

Well i hope eeryone has a wonderful holiday,


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