More work for MMMEEEEEE

Well last night we pulled out ye ole christmas tree and put it up. I managed to get it half way decorated, and get a shelf and stockings hun up before i just lost my steam. Since I quit drinking caffine and  ive been under SUCH a HUGE amount of stress, im just not up to doing much of anything at all. I know its the stress getting to me, and i hate that. Im taking extra vitamins just to try and deal with the side effects of stress. Not fun at all stress.

However seeing i have alot of free time on my hands, i decided to talk with another scrapbook kit designer and work with her as well. Which is great fun for me! 😀 She dosent ask for too much either so ill have plenty of left over time hehe. Easily can fit it into my schedual in any event. Anyway yeah im rambling. She makes some beautiful kits that have jut a TON of elements! I was very surprised by the amount! I had to make several pages just to use all of them ( or most of them) in one kit! Im not done yet so ill be posting new stuff soon! You can visit her blog by way of the blinky to the right. Country Hollow Scraps. Or you can just click the name as well, its a hyperlink lol. Just be sure to check out some of her great kits! She has some freebies up right now that are from some christmas blog trains and she writes some great tutorials on how to make fun things in PSP. ( this is the first PSP kits ive used, quite a bit different from photoshop kits hehe. very great)

Rambling again. Anyway i just wanted to post a thank you to Country Hollow Scraps for letting me be a part of her team as well!

Here is her preview of one of the kits she has allowed me to use. chs-nightbeforechristmas-preview-ptu

How cute is it! I love the old fashioned elements, they make me think of felt decorations, i love it!

ALSO Jodi was fantastic and game me an award. How sweet is that! Thank you Jodi!!


So yay me!

Thank you Jodi.

Well i have spent enough time on the ole blog  today, so i need to get going. Have a great day everyone!


One thought on “More work for MMMEEEEEE

  1. While you were standing in the creative genius line in heaven, I am sure I was getting in line for a diet coke. I am in awe of how you can do all this stuff. I am still learning how to upload my pictures on to blogger. I just don’t have a clue how you make your in to scrapbook pages digitally.

    They are darling! your pages, your kids, and your photos! LOVE THEM!

    I have missed you! Did you ever get baptized?
    Let me know how you are!

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