Scrap Pages

Good Gravy i made a bunch of pages while i was out.

Ok not as many as i would have liked, but ummm yeah, i had to unpack my house and get the kids settled in hehe. I couldent spend all my time on the computer. Plus a friend sucked me into reading the Twilight series… Im on the third and having a hard time getting into it. I should finish it soon though, so i can give it back…

Im rambling again.

YES! Pages! Here are a few!






Yes most of my pages feature the baby this time around. I was going through his baby photos and realized, i hadnt used them!!! And i have alot more at my disposal in terms of page kits and elements now. YAYness!


2 thoughts on “Scrap Pages

  1. Wow Lina…they all turned out beautiful! Do you have any daylight during this time of year? If so, how many hours? I would have to sit under a daylight lamp, darkness really makes me depressed…

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