A wee Update

Today is a stressful day. Brennan is going in to have his dental surgery on the 11th. And so today i am trying my hardest to get everything prepared. Ok scratch that, Today is the LAST day i have to get everything ready or it will be cancled and reschedualed. And wouldent you know, it takes 4 months to get a surgery schedual. UGH. So it has to be all done today.

Acutally, ive done just about everything, except pre register at the hospital, ive been calling them all day trying to get through but i havent had any answers. I also have to get the dentist office sa bunch of paperwork this afternoon. Its not running around like a chicken kind of work, but still a stressful point for me. I get stressed so easily though.

Ill just keep trying the hospital…

This morning, Brennan was supposed to go back to school. For about 2.5 weeks untill winter break. Considering they only have school half a week anyways lol. But the bus didnt know if we wanted her to stop today or tomarorw, and they missplaced the written parts i had given them, so they drove on by. They will stop tomarrow though. Brennan was dissapointed he didnt get to go to school. I felt bad for him. But he is enjoying his last day off, before having school for the rest of the week. 😀

I feel terrible. I havent decorated for Christmas yet. Yeah im one of those Nuts who decorate the day after thanksgiving ( when the rest of hte country is going isnane with shopping) and dont take it down untill AFTER new Years.  Then i decorate for Winter as well. It helps with the everlasting darkness of Alaskan Winters anyway. Chirstmas lights help. But moving has me all off kelter, so we havent foudn a place for our tree, much less decorated lol. While our living room is longer, its also a bit more narrow then before. So it might go in the hall or something lol. I dont know yet.

Oh  i missed being online! BUT i did TONS of scrapping while i was out, so i figure ill post a page to feel better about missing out on a week of posting! And to think, i was nearly all caught up on showing off my LOs! LOL! I did however, hit a christmas blog train and get this i downloaded OVER 6000 FREE elements! Oh my goodness! I cant even imagine how much space that is going to take up once i unzipp the files! I think im going to start putting my scrapping stuff on DVDS lol. Or start zipping my old image files, to make space. 500 gigs just dosent go that far for a photographer who likes to scrapbook lol. Insane me i know.

Its my mom and my Aunt Jackie. I just liked the way it came together 😀



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