Job Search

So ive kinda decided to give up being a photographer for the moment. Not forever to be sure, just for the moment. Money needs must be met and we have having trouble making ends meet. Isnt that the story of the world. So ive decided to go to work. Not its not like that is a pleasent choice for me. While i dont mind working and so far ive been good at everything i have done. It would be nice to be able to persue my personal dreams.

I have worked a bit over the past 4 years. I have had two jobs since Brennan was born. I always liked to be home with my kids, but i also view work as a way to take a break. As funny as that might sound.  But sometiems finaical needs must be met before you can do what you want.

As i told Tony the other night. The needs come before the wants. And sometimes you have to do things you dont wnat to do, in order to do the things you do want to do.

Have a good day.


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