Scrap Pages

I made thease a week or so ago. I havent done much in the past couple of days due to moving.. well and i got sucked into a story that a lady i have been talking to has written. Shes pretty good. Anyway i made thease a big ago and just havent gotten around to posting. 😀




Above pages were made with this site i found called Scrapblog. I thought it was awesome at first and made a ton of pages. Which i really like. BUT they do NOT let you use your own png images. Which all transparent images i have are pngs. So while all the pages are awesome. I dont like not being able to use all the pages i have downloaded. So i kinda used them all out lol.

So instead, im searching for some software i like, and have been using 3 different programs lol. But i like being able to use the stuff i have saved. I have 8 gigs of it, i ought to be using it!





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