A bit of confusion

There is a bit of confusion around my last freebie made with Jodis Ground Level kit. So untill we get that cleared up, i went ahead and made the post private. I dont want to cause any trouble for her or anyone else getting frustrated and as it turns out, there might be a bit. So i just made it unaccessable for the moment. Ill bring it back as soon as its ok. Besides i liked those ones. hehe.


4 days to go. We can start moving things over tomarrow. Today im going to move as much OUT of the bedrooms ( packed things) into the dining/office area, try to leave JUST the big bookcase and the beds in the room, and maybe get them clean? As well as clean the kitchen more. I took 3 hours and cleaned out my stove. It was nappy. We good pizza right on the oven racks, which makes a mess. Plus a week or so ago i made pies.  I always end up with messes from pies lol.

I have had a bit of free time in the evenings and i read this story. Actually i met the Author before the story. We have been chatting through my diary blog. Great lady. Anyway he has been writing a story for NaNoWrMo. If you dont knwo what that is, its ok, its nationa novel writing month. NaNoWriMo is basiclly writing 50,000 words in one month. They say its roughly a 175 page novel. For some people that is easy. The lady im talking about is done as of yesterday. For others, not so much. I didnt participate because well… im in the process of movie and i have other obligations that take up the time i have. Maybe next year. However i participate in NoJoMo, which is osmething my diary site started. An entry a day for November. But even that ill probably miss this year due to movie.

Anyway i ramble on, the point is. You should go and read the story. Its her first draft, spelling and grammer errors aside, but if you can read me, you can read her lol. Its a pretty good story, there are some slow moments which dont add to the story. but i imagine editing leater on will take care of that.

BUT go ahead and read her story, its 11 chapters long. Called Thine. as always the link is the name.

Anyway i need to get going and on to my work. Have a good day all.


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