I adore writing. Its this little thing of mine. Creativity… Ive always been a creative person, i love anything that is imaginative. I love to write, i ca draw passably. I sing, although just to my kids lol. Lately ive been doing the scrapbooking. I love creating something out of nothing.

But right now, im feeling the urge to write in ways i havent for years. Ive started talking to a lady who has one published book and wants to publish another. Im reading her story as she writes it. Talking with her about writing makes me want to pick up the pen. ANd i dont write with a pen. I get thease ideas swooshing around in my head. They just sit there untill i can write and get them out. Little snippites, Im talking about a moment between two charcters. Probably 30 seconds of a movie or something like that. Things that take me 10 minutes to write down. Those kind of blurps are what im getting at the moment.

I have this notebook. Its kept with me for quite a few years. ok 8 years is a long time to haul around the SAME notebook. Inside are chracter sketches. And i do quite detailed charcter sketches. My main charchters… every moment of their lives, fictional lives, are written. Birth, life, death, moments. Those charcters are very real to me. And there is kinda a reason to that.

Im very strage. Some artists draw photos of the people they meet. Well i do something similer. After i assess your personality, i write a charcter modled after you. Maye not you persay. But the quirks i pick up on. My main charcter is everything I wanted to be. The kind of person im not, open, friendly, ever loving. The kind of person i am online. In real life, im rather shy, ok quite shy, and people have said im very fragile in the past. Even though ith ink im quite strong to have overcome so much in my life. Im reserved untill i get comfortable, then im very open and honest.

I love this notebook. I love going through it and reading about all the people in my life.. I know instantly the person i modled the charcter after. Even if you might not. A person would be hard pressed to find themselves in that book.

I added to it the last couple of days. There are several new people in my life, ok alot of new people i have met. Many i want to make into charcters. Sometimes i feel i should ask permission. But then again, i figure most people are very influenced by the people they meet in some way. My kids arent charcters. How can i model a charcter after a personality that is still forming?

But everyone else. Fair game.

This really applies to people i know in real life. I cant ge an honest assesment over the net. For instance, do you laugh easy? Do you have dimples? Do you have a funkey quirk… I knew a girl who was obsessed with cows in school. I met her in mythology class. So for her charcter, i took from her personality, which was HUGE, warm, inviting, and the love of cows, as well as researching a goddess who was known for cows. And created a cow goddess charcter for her. She loved it… She helped… But yes…

I feel the urge to write again. Its been 2 years… The story is still there. A love story between two people who should have never met. People who have terrible secrets, double lives, obligations…. a love story, that works out, but not forever as it should… Because all those complications… They dont blur the lines of love. But in the end. We are all mortal…. And that is the sad sad ending to my story….

So im carryiing around this notebook again. Writing blurps… and editing old parts. Eventually, its packed now, Ill find the composition notebooks where i have written the story down. Or parts of it. There are 3 notebooks full, and probably only a few chapters written. Perhaps documenting a life on paper… isnt such a good idea for a book, but a better one for many books.

My writing style has changed. From 15 years old, one would think. Laughable, my charcters were origionally 14 years old. The mad ramblings of my own youth. Now i think they are older. For they grow with me, and my life experiences give me a better understanding of life in general…


Im going to go write some tonight, and perhaps one day, my ideas will be out there.

2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Hi Lina..

    I love reading your blog. :o) I Love reading…I think anyone that really love to read…may have a secret desire to be a writer too…and then there are some that really start to work on it. I have attempted a few time in my life to write a book…I had a good one going at one point, until my computer crashed and I lost it all. I was 19. lol Many trips around the sun ago! It was really good though and I had my family asking to read the next parts as they came along…but when I lost it, it deflated me. I took creative writing in high school and the method you write about, a journal for your characters…it a common tool that writers use! So, you are a natural! I hope to read something of yours someday in print!


  2. You aren’t strange LOL! I love that you have a notebook – I can just imagine you scribbling away when something inspires you. I think all of us have a book in us, but there are only s few who have the talent, and the dedication to get it out there. It sounds like you are well on your way!

    Oh and I wrote a note for you in my blog comments about the background thing. I’m never sure where to reply to notes ;O) x

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