Rough blow

So i know ive mentioned Kenny. M soon to be roomate plus very old friend and onetime short termed boyfriend. ( yeah strange, i know)

Anyway his ex girlfriend ran up to me last night in the store and announced shes having a baby. I said congrats, how exciting for you. Because that is the proper thing to say, personal feelings aside correct. And she flippently adds, Oh well kinda, I dont know who the father is.

To say i feel bad for her, wouldent be the compleat truth. She is very young ( 19 haha), very irresponsible, loves to drink and party and count up how many men she can collect in one evening if not at one time. No i dont feel sorry for her, the baby yes. But hopefully having the baby will change her.

No who i really think will feel the blow is Kenny. Ive known him for almost 10 years. And one thing he always made very clear was he wanted a family. I know the person he was, and i believe that kind of person is still in there. Plus he is always saying how he wants a family. I think its pretty sad the girl he had settled on, ended upleaving, and getting pregnant….

I know how i would feel and perhaps i can project those feelings that i would have onto him. But then…. the person i used to know, would be feeling rather dejected…

Who really knows right? I just found out myself and i havent asked him. So not me. Well i gotta go. T minus 4 days to get out of the apartment.


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