A Bit ago

About 2 weeks ago i went to the dr because i was sick. And he gave me some creme because im still breaking out with acne. Im in my mid twenties, i dont need that teenaged crap lol. Anyway i didnt try it till about 3 days ago. And what do you know, my forehead is clearing up! That is freaking awesome.

Just had to toss that in there. 😀

Im going to pack my kitchen today. Living room ( minus the coats) dining area/ office area ( minus computer) My room ( minus our clothes for now) and Most of the boys room is packed. Oh yes andthe bathroom. I just need to take down a shelf and move a small one out of there. That leaves the kitchen. With its millions of things.  I still have 6 more days to get it done. Im not feeling the strain yet though. Amazingly… I should be… Sigh. Of course my house still looks well lived in thanks to my plants. OMG i have an indoor jungle. I have 25 potted plants in my small 600 sqr ft apt, ( ALL in the living room) And of those 12 are haning plants, 6 of while have vines that are 10-16 FEET long. I gotta move those over to the new place too.

So yeah, im going to pack the kitchen today. Ill feel good once that is done, get all the boxes stacked in the closet. 😀

Oooh, Conner is awake so i need to get off and feed the bebe. Have a good one.


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