Hello my name is lina and I…

So ill admit to being addicted to chocolate. Oh the love of chocolate. Its like a secret affair with a mystery man in your mouth. Ok how was that for racy. Its about as racy as i get. Anyway  chocolate. All types. Puddings, donuts, chocolate bars. But you know. Im actually kinda picky about the kind of chocolate i eat.

I remember growing up, around Christmas time, there was this particular mint and chocolate candy that would come out. The top was the smoothest mint, not too bitter or strong, but not sweet. The bottom a rich warm chocolate. Oh those were my favorite kind of candies. The melt in your mouth, nibble at them to make them last kind of candies. The ones you hide in the back of your closet and defend to the death that no one is allowed to touch them, even smell them but you. MMMM

Sadly about 8 or 9 years ago, we were no longer able to find those mint and chocolate bells around the holidays and i have endured a life long search for a replacment. Perhaps nothing comes close because my iea of that chocolate was perfection and of course, what can battle a fantasy? But in reality, the candy is gone, cant find it any more. And ive had to replace my beloved chocolate with something else.

Now i dont know if safeway is everywhere, or if its just an Alaskan thing. But we call it Carrs actually. Anyway they sell this store brand mint choclate cup. Its kinda like a reece penut butter cup. Only dark chocolate and mint. I wouldent go as far as to say this compares to my dream chocolate mint, but its better then and Andes mint. They are really really good. The dark chocolate balances out the mint perfectly. and mmmm. I think i ate 5 little cups,  about as round as a quarter and maybe an inch deep, last night. Wonderful wonderful chocolate.

Im not ashamed to say im addictied to good chocolate. I hate hersheys chocolate, its grainy and dosnet melt smooth, Dove is fantastic chocolate, symphony bars arent too bad eaither. But we all learn to live with what we can. For me, Its chocolate, Whats your addiction?


One thought on “Hello my name is lina and I…

  1. I love this bit “Its like a secret affair with a mystery man in your mouth” ;O)

    I’m addicted to chocolate too, but I figure there are worse addictions out there, so its ok to indulge!

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