A digital Freebie for you!

Jodi sent me this lovely kit called Pretty BlueInk. Now as a mom of boys blue is my fav! Anyway here are some of the layouts i made with Pretty BlueInk.



Its only after i put the two side by side that i realized i did very similer layouts. I must have been tired last night hehe.

I wanted to add one more page that i made using Pretty blueInk. You will notice that this layout is using the Blue Plaid layout i have availble by link below.


If you like Jodis lovely kit, Pretty BlueInk, you can buy it HERE at Craft Scraps Store

You can also visit Jodis Blog where she wrote about her new layout, Pretty BlueInk.

I created a simple frame for Pretty BluInk that you are welcome to download HERE. The frame is in the layouts above.

I also created several Quickpages for your use. They are premade scrapbook pages. All you need to do is add your own photos!

This is a blue Plaid page.

And THIS is a plain blue with some tacks,

Check them out. I think they are cute and they are my first attempt at making quick pages. 😀


2 thoughts on “A digital Freebie for you!

  1. Hi Lina,
    I hope you are feeling better soon. i am coming down with a sore throat myself and my ears are hurting. i napped most of the day and didn’t wake up in time this mornign to send you more than the page curls. Tomorrow morning…you will have the elements to Charlie! Then I know you will be happy to use some specific boy stuff for your sone! yea! Awesome post, thank you!

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