Well this week something big happened for me. I was lucky enough that a lady who makes scrapbook kits happened on one of my scrapbook entries. She liked the work i had done and asked me to be a part of her creative team.  At first i was confused. What is a creative team. Basicly what it is, she will make her scrapbook kits, backgrounds and embelishements. And her creative team uses her kits to make pages before the kit is put into the store. This gives people an example of what the kits can look like put together. I know i like to see them! It also gives us a chance to create freebies to go with the pages. Such as quick pages. Flattened pages just ready for photos.

So what this means for me, is i get her kits for free. And while digital scrapbooking is INSANELY cheaper then paper scrapbooking, it can add up quickly! And for her, she gets people to make and display her kits in page form.

You might have noticed i added a blinkie in the top corner of my blog. This blinkie leads directly to her blog where she displays her kits as well as posts freebies and points out where she is selling her kits. Be sure to check out her site! For those who are blinkie petrified. Her blog is linked HERE. And oohhh she wrote about me too! Check out her blog and her kits they are great!

So thank you Jodi for giving me this chance to be creative and have fun with your kits, I hope i do you proud with any of my creations!

And one more page. My favorite doll-face. Abigail at 5 months old. Im going to miss this beauty when i move. But untill then.



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