Random Updates

Last night while climbing into the backseat of the car. I hit the top of my head on the very metal doorframe. We have an older car and i was climbing into it, and stood up too fast, thus hitting the top of my head very hard.

On top of the searing pain of bashing your head into a steel car frame. I felt this jarring go through my neck and into my back. It hurt a great deal.

Today i have this headache type pain coming from the top of my head. My jaws hurt, my neck. Ive been so crappy feeling all day i havent done much of anything other then pick up a few things from the living room floor. At least it feels that way. Ive taken some pain meds but they arent hellping.

Of course it dosent help that for the third week ive been sick. I dont know what is wrong with me but i cant shake this cold. Its progresseed into my chest and i end up being awake half the night coughing. Tony has it too and he just takes some Nyquil and sleeps. Thankfully Conner is sleeping through the night for the past week and a half, thank heavens, But it still dosent help the fact that im not resting much because of the cough.

But in good news. We were approved to get into the condo where we will be moving. Living space is about the same, but our rent will be less and it has a washer and dryer. Even more bonus, there is room for Brennan on the school bus, we just have to get them to make a stop at the house. The nearest schedualed stop is 1.5 miles away. Not something I can just walk off to. KWIM. That means that ill be spending a time each day packing up my house. Im a lazy packer. 2 or 3 boxes a day. On the 15th i guess we can  start moving in. Then ill start packing. So that i can clean.

I dont enjoy moving. In the least, but it will be nice to have more room. The larger of the two bedrooms will be going to the boy. lots of room for beds and toys and even Brennans desk. Thats exciting. I feel like the past mont hand a half my life has been some kind of whirl wind mess. And paybe after this move… after December is over. Life will settle back down for me. I miss the quiet of summer. Tony going to work, me doing my thing with the kids. It seems like life is all hectic and whatnot since we got our dividends in september.

I dont know. I still manage to spend way too much time on the computer a day. The kids still play, and do their thing. So its all good in the end. 🙂

Anyway im going to go and try some tylanol for my head. Its really bothering me.


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