Neighbor Drama

Wow, we had some big neighbor drama this week. You will all remember the photos of Abby i post every now and again, mostly in my photoblog. Anyway Abbys mom is 17, and lives with her parents. This week Stephs father kicked her out. She wants to be able to drink, to do what she wants. to be an “adult” without the responsibilites, without the problems. And still come home where its all easy, where her paents and sister help her take care of Abby. But this week its different. Im not sure where she went, i just know from how upset Dezi has been about it all. He didnt let her take the baby. It was the first thing that crossed my mind. What about the baby. You kicked her out and let her take the child? But he didnt. I guess its her chance to be the “adult” she thinks she is. And hopefully she gets her crap together so that she can get her daughter.

I remember being 17. Wanting out of the parental control. Of course i was out of HS, she still has 2 years minimum left. I had a job, i wasnt interested in drinking or smoking, smoking anything. And i moved out with friends. Kept a job and did well for myself untill i got pregnant. My “downfall” from the “adult” life. But hey it led me to Brennan and Conner.

What leads kids to do stupid things. I dont understand the appeal of drinking, or smoking, or taking drugs. Yeah, i had a half a glass of wine the other night with another girl. Shes a bit younger then me and dating one of tonys friends. we get along great, we should do something sometime, she dosent have any girlfriends either lol. And yeah, when i was younger, 17ish i smoked probably 3 ciggerettes. Oh the horrors. But even so, there is the extent of my badness. The wine was nasty and i might have another glass sometime with her, if i can choke it down. Im sure each glass gets easier lol. But ill never be a drinker. Ill never smoke, ill never do drugs. WHAT is the appeal to it? Seriously. WHAT is the appeal of drinking? Sure when i had that shot of whiskey it was hard toget down. and it made me in a good mood. But that all the time. No thankyou!

And why risk it, why risk your child over that? Her being stupid can easily lead to her loosing her daughter for good. It dosent matter that she dosent understand or know the Alaskan laws as to children. If she dosent get her back soon it can be considered abandonment. And the state will side with her parents, regaurdless if she was told to leave. Its just not a good situation… I dont know if shes trying or not. I just know what ive been told and its sad….

I know i wouldent do anything ever, to risk loosing my kids… Am i so strange>?

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