Camera Talk

Im been haunting one of my fav sites. DPREVIEW. What is so interesting about this site is that is a review site for digital products, like cameras. It really makes me want to upgrade. I keep looking back and forth through all the different modles that i could upgrade to, and i just dont know what to choose. Most are out of my price range, hey im not rich and i have kids, that means the money i can spend on myself is severely limited. But a girl can dream right.

In the end i still cant decide what to do. I figure if i upgrade, im going to want to upgrade all the way. and no partly. But then again, can i justify spending nearly 3 thousand dollars on a camera body, minus the lenses. How can any hobbiest ( i still calssify myself as a hobbiest even though i do do portraits from time to time) justify spending that much money when there are so many other things you can spend money on.

Anyway im trying to ignore the wants of a full framed camera and look to the smaller and much cheaper smaller DSLRs.  While even those cameras are really expensive, the one im looking at is half of the one i lust over.

In the end it has to be something i want and yet still something i can afford. Isnt that something we all battle?


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