Early Halloween photos

Well tonight is the night. We start carving our pumpkins! Im going to go and google some fun images to put on our pumpkins! I can digitally enlarge the prints with photoshop to abou 1.5 times the size as they should be, or at a bit bigger then an 8X10, print it out over 2 pages and viola we are ready to carve.

In reality i wanted to carve the pumpkins a few days ago, but we live in an apartment building and there isnt anywhere to put the pumpkins. Inside and they will Rot rather quickly, the hall is kinda cool but im not sure if the teenagers will leave it alone. Likewise outside the complex. Im afraid the teenagers will smash them. And i know Brennan would be crushed. I think im going to just put them in the Hall after we carve them. They shouldent be bothered and they should survive 2 nights. I got 3 pumpkins, but i might only carve two. Stew the other one to make strained pumpkin for REAL pies this thanksgiving. MMMMM

Last night was a small carnival for the kids at a compex out here. It was put on by a church. They had a bounce house and some games. Plenty of Candy. While it lasted about 3 hours, i took the kids home after the first hour. We missed some shows and the fireworks but it started at bedtime and i was pushing it keeping them up for that extra hour. Oh well. Tomarrow the church is having a trick or treat thing, and Brennans school is having a carnival. I forgot to buy tickets ahead of time, but i can get them at the door. I figure its best to be inside and warm when our tempratures have been about 16 degrees the last couple of days.

Before i go, A halloween preview.


Ok you have to admit THIS is a cool costume lol. I dont know the kid i just thought his costume was cute.


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