Well while im up at 1 in the morning, lets talk Fevers.

You know most of the fevers are actually helpful to a body. Its the bodies way of fighting off an invading infection. So they are good. And oftentimes giving medication such as Tylanol inhibits the bodies ability to fight off said infection.

But there is something about seeing your 16 month old with a fever of 103.8 that makes you want to run screaming for the nearest ER. Eyes rolling back in the head, listless, crying a super thin cy that is bearly a cry.  More like a pained whine. With skin so hot to the touch that you could crack an egg on it. No im not making light of my sons fever. Im beyond tired from the super long and busy weekend ive had. Most of it semming from the fever that started late Friday night.

When he is like this, i have to remind myself, Tylanol every 4 hours, Motrin ever 6. Every 2 hours give a medication, make sure he drinks. And hardest of all, Fevers are normal, fevers are natural, Fevers are the bodies way of fighting infection.

But so help me God, if his fever is still near 104 when i get up im going to that doctor.


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