Drool fest

Last night I went to Eskimo dancing, it was really awesome to watch. But the total drool fest was the photographer with two 5ds around his neck. With L series glass attached. Oh god, total drool. The sad thing, the assitant was probably younger then I am. But god i felt like smacking her with a chair and stealing the cameras around her neck. Beautiful beautiful cameras. I am so ready to get a 5d. Actually, i would be happy with the step down in the 40D. With some good lenses. Oh man you cant imagine how much i want one of those… Of course, the big wants, come with big pricetags. 3500 for the 5D. and a bit over1200 for the 40D…. Its worth it though. Steel and Magneasuim construction. Full framed cameras. mmmmm. Drooling even more.

Ok i must get off, stop thinking about the beautiful cameras and s tart a wish list. And hopefullyi ll be able to get the camera in another year… saving and all. And then all i need is 3 lenses. just 3…. Thats all i want….. Not including one of those L series, but man i would love one anyway. But im not a wedding photographer and that is what they are the best for…

But i have a newborn and a 3 month old shoot to edit. So i need to get on that and stop bemoaning what i DONT have… and start saving for what i want. What i do have is good, but i want more. Always want more right…

MMMM cameras.

Ok becuase i love you.

SUPER SUPER SUPER Sneak peak of Aylas Newborn session yesterday.

and one of her Cousin, Jaylyn 3 months old


4 thoughts on “Drool fest

  1. Oh you are amazing. Teach me how to take the pictures you do. With 14 kids to take pictures of, I wish I had the talent and skill you do.

    They are fabulous! Thanks for surfing my way, I couldn’t help check out who was making comments. I am glad I did!


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