Digital Scapbooking/ Card Making

Well i make no secret that i digital scrapbook, while it saves you a ton of money over regualr scrapbooking, its also a quick and easy way to have some fun when im bored. Also i like to use the bits and pieces i collect online to make collages for some of my photography clients.

If you dont know, Digital scrapbooking is just building a scrapbook on the computer. In the day of digital photos it only makes sense that scrapbooking has also joined the technial age. While many fans still use paper crafts, for those looking for a cheaper out, digital is the way to go.

However, I wanted to share with you a few websites where you can start to build your digital backgrounds and embelishments. The first off, is Free Digital Scrapbooking. This site is a beginiers paradise. It has kits, backgrounds, embelishments, templates, tutorials. Everything a person needs to get started! While so much of their stuff is free, there are a few of the more complex and detailed kits that you do have to pay for. But seriously, for 2 dollars you get piles of backgrounds, details, stickers, embelishments, word art. Its really worth it. Its all downloaded onto your computer and you can reuse.

A few other websites to check out for freebies as well as kits you can buy are Shabby Princess, Digital Scrapbooking, and Scrapbook Flair. Of course there are many other sites that you can search for, and just going to the few I listed will tip you off to many other sites and forums too. Dont forget that you can do a blog search at your hosting site. Just search for scrapbook in the blog search and you might be surprised what you come up with!

Now for the cash strapped person, you could always go to a search engine and utalize their image searches. Simply type in what you are looking for, say blue background. Google, Yahoo and photobucket all have image search fetures and you can find a whole host of cool graphics. If you want to know my fav place to search, check out the myspace background pages.

2 thoughts on “Digital Scapbooking/ Card Making

  1. Have you ever tried
    Its awesome!

    I love regular scrapping for the texture – but for those days when I can’t be bothered with all the mess, digiscrap is GREAT!


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