Sometimes its hard to seperate my personal life from my blog. I know it sounds funny, but im one of those people who loves to write about their day, whats going on ect. Its easier for me to work through problems if i chatter about them.  But its something Im going to work on.

I think my main issue, is finding things to talk about, so i think ill go back to my roots, i started this blog with photography in mind, i sence started my photo blog, lpphotography. But this blog was intended to write about photography, tips, techniques, anything im learning along the way. And i need to open it up to include photoshop and editing. A daily blog gets old fast. Besides i allready have one at my favorite blogging site. Opendiary. And one i never update at myspace. I love the facebook games, so im on there too.

I also want to reach out with scrapbooking on here as well. Ive written several scrapbook tutorials for some friends based on a program, so i think ill be working on more of those for here as well. I used to write alot of cooking recipies as well, so ill probably get back to that.

I need to remember to leave the personal life at the door. And get back to the real reason i started this blog. Photos, and writing. Not personal crap. Besides i have a family at my personal blog. In about 60 other bloggers. I need those people there, I dont have that here. SO back to where i should be on here.


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