Out of it

Ive been trying to blog this week, i really have. Ive just been feeling so down in the dumps. Tony and I are having some issues. Im starting to wonder if we can work through some of the problems its not just some things start getting to one after 6 years, its things getting worse after 6 years.. It can be very frustrating. Ive also been sickish off and on. And ive been having dental work done this week and last.

However, i posted one of two play photo shoots i did yesterday into my blog. i did some of my sister who is almost a teenager but she looks a bit older. And another of my neighbors who are good friends. Mostly to test out my new lens. which has a serious flaw… one so bad, im sending the lens back as soon as Tony gets paid. Sadly. However im going to just upgrade the lens. Frustrating to be sure. And a dissapointment.

Anyway be sure to check out my photoblog and check out my newest photos. Even a play shoot is still fun. I know both girls want to print some photos so yay me.

Im stressed out about alot of problems and as always i have no one to talk to about them. Which usually leads me to writing really long diary entries in my personal blog. Im sure they get confusing. Right now im feeling so far out of it, it took me hours just to get my laundry hung up and put away. my house is thrashed, my brain is feeling like mush… And im just so tired, im tired of the old fights, im tired of the new things that pop up that shouldent.

So yeah… ignore me, im just out of it. So go look at the photos, at least they are decent.


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