Another flu bug

Go figure im sick again. Second time in amonth. Proove me a liar right. For 4 years i got sick once a year at most, But not htis year, twice in a year. Why joy right.

I have a stomach flu this time. Ive been very sick sense last night.  Usually i would make a chicken or turkey soup, but just getting the kids breakfast this morning was hell. And Conner needs to eat again. Ugh. Im really upset because Conner took my big jug of gatoraide and dumped it out in the tub. Everything else is too sweet. So i dont have anything to drink right now. Which really bites. My mom works 35 miles away, and said she will bring some to me on her way home, but that isnt for 6 hours. Tony said he would bring some home too, but again, that isnt for more like 8-10 hours. So im sunk really. My crystal lite which i usually drink is much to sweet. 😛 Not happy about that.

Gosh i cant really spell can I. Im making a mess of typing today. Well im going to go figure out what i can give the kids for lunch that is easy on me to make. And pray tony gets home from work soon.


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