Give mama a break will ya??

So yesterday it was Conner, Today its Brennan.

He spent the weekend with my mom. I didnt even realize it at first but he spent from Friday Evening untill today at 2 with my mom. Friday night she babysat my cousins children as well. The youngest was vomiting and in the morning had the pooh bad. But was fine Saturday. Tonight Brennan started vomiting, so bad he for some reason, vomited in the sink, and filled the entire thing. That is so much vomit, how could that all come out of my small 4 year old.

He vomited a few times, it was pretty gross. It was everywhere… *shudder* ill save you the gory details. Anyway I called my mom, to ask if anyone was sick, or if he had been acting sick. She said he hadnt been acting sick, then told me about Mikayla. And that she was sick too. The same thing. So i imagine it came from Mikayla, who is in daycare full time. Now my mom and B have it. Exposed Friday evening, Vomit on Sunday evening. Conner was exposed only to Mom and Brennan, starting yesterday, so i can imagine that tomarrow evening, he is going to be ill. Im usually not sick, but the cold i had last month has really hurt my immune system, ive been suffering from bad allergy attacks and a few minor ( thankfully! I dont have any medication for it right now.) Athsma attacks. Tony usually gets sick rather easy, so he might get it.

I hope that it passes quickly, Mikayla seemed fine by the next day. So im crossing my fingers for a quick vomit then pooh session and the kids will be better.

Emergen-C anyone?

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