And not in a good way..

It seems all my children are destaned to eat someone elses medication. With Brennan it was my allergy meds which thankfully just made him sleep. He had the hospital and eating charcoal and whatnot. Conners was easier. Although he ate worst medication.

I left him at my moms while i ran out. Just me and Tony, that dosent happen often. Anyway she calls me up and said she had my sister ( 12) keep an eye on them while she laid down for a minute. Normal and fine. But My stepfather had thrown away some of his medication for RLS, a muscle relaxer. And Conner got the pill bottle opened and they thought there were 3 pills in there. My sister fished half of 1out of his mouth, a and they only found 1 on thr ground.

So after poision control and a couple of hours the verdict came back that he hadnt eaten much if anything, most likely spit it out, And he was ok.

Let me tell you, throwing something like that away isnt enough, Flush pills when you arent taking them. With the benedryl, it got knocked off a very high shelf. But still… its freaking scarry. So just… be careful.



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