To do list at midnight

Here i am, Up and its approching midnight. Boy arent I lucky.

Went to Walmart, the evilness of my city. Spent a bunch more money there. 😛 I bought this super soft fuzzy blanket for 10 dollars. I love tossing blankets over my couches/chairs. But this one… Its supposed to be there, bought it to go there, and yet im all wrapped up in it… MMm soft and snuggly. Takes my mind off of tomarrows forcast of SNOW!! UGH! ( BTW Sears also has some great soft snuggly super fleece blankets for just 2 dollars more then walmart.

Anywho, im up because im not that tired and i have a million things running through my mind that i need to get done. My apartment is small, talk about 600 square feet small. And we have enought stuff inside it for a 1000 squre foot place easy. And we have to put in a bigger freezer in 2 weeks! So we HAVE to make some room here! Our table seats 6, possibly 8 if you squeeze. Too big for our small space. So we are going to sell it for a fraction of its worth and buy ourselves a much smaller square table which will take up about half the space of the current one. I am also going to throw away a spare mattress and a chair from Bs room. It just takes up too much space and really the stuff is old, has been given to us and isnt worth it to try and find someone who might want it. I also have a washer and a dryer that my mom has been storing for me and we are just going to sell them. My stepfather awnts the stuff moved and we cant very well put it in our third story apartment now can we. After that, i need to get Bs toybox cleaned out ( its a wreck from sitting outside for a year) and get all his toys in there. I have piles of stuff waiting to be bagged for the garage sale pile. All of that suff is lucky  enough to go to my moms and into the shed where it awaits now… for 2 years running, the garage sale.

I wish B was in my bed right now, i would be in his room getting things done. Thats how amped i am about cleaning. And believe me, as the worst housekeeper in the world, i dont feel like that often. I only hope that when i finally do get to sleep… i still feel like knocking things out tomarrow. Even so i have written up a massive to do list. Im hoping by getting Bs room cleaned up, i can start to go through the boxes that are stashed in his closet and have been for more then a year now. Thats my ulitmate goal, to get to the boxes packed in his closet. Go through them and downsize massivly. Hopefully finding more stuff to garage sale or craigslist along the way!

Well i NEED to go to bed, tired or not. I still have stuff to do tomarrow and kids to take care of.

Night all.


24 thoughts on “To do list at midnight

  1. I’m kind of a freak and I loooove housecleaning (except for dusting, but NOBODY likes dusting, right?) and organizing stuff. Adam alternates between loving it and hating it. He likes a clean house, but every time I try to downsize our stuff, he goes on high alert. 🙂

  2. When i was growing up, my mother was… more then a neat freak. We had a to do chore list every day, which had to be done over and over until it was perfect. Then On Sunday, it was housecleaning day. Where the Entire house had to be cleaned. And it all had to add up to her standards. If something was on the floor, even crumbs, the whole room was dirty and had to be cleaned all over again, dusting and windows included. So now, i hate cleaning, i cant help it. I try so hard to keep up on it, i just find a bunchoh other thingsi could be doing O_O. Oh well, im much better about it now then i was 5 years ago. 🙂

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