Umm Ok…

I had a kind of busy morning. Brennan went off to school, again i slept past that so i didnt get to say goodbye… Oh well. Then when i came out, Tony told me my neighbor had asked to talk to me. So i went over there, they wanted to know if they could use me as a backup babysitter once in a while for Abby. Which is no problem. It would only be from 9 30 to  2 30 at most. Plus it means i get to take more pictures of my fav big eyed girl!  ( Speaking of, i now have two sessions of Abby to post! )

I got ahold of B’s dentist, but they cant fax the school his dental report untill i sign the paper. Darned it. Good thing they open at 7. Meaning we have to go in really early tomarrow, sign the paper and have it sent to Bs school. I also go notice in his backpack that there was a scabies outbreak on a child at school. Oh joy. I have to say the one think i have dreaded most about B going to school is the possible illnessess. B has been such a healthy child, like me, he dosent get sick often. Maybe a snotty nose. I remember lice being huge when i was really young. Hopefully we get to skate on by that sort of thing.

I wanted to leave you with a conversation between Brennan and I as we took out the trash.

B-Why are you carring the trash can downstairs.
M-Because i need to take the trash out, look it has handles to make it easy, isnt that cool?
B-No mom its not cool.
M-Well then if its not cool, what is it.
B-Its awesome!
M-And awesome is better then cool?
B-Shhheshh yeah mom!
M-Oh… Ok.

Ahh kids.


3 thoughts on “Umm Ok…

  1. Oh no JOKE! When did that happen! Its amazing how they can talk, the things they say. sigh… Where did the babies go.

  2. Funny! The way kids say things sometimes makes me feel like I must be totally in the dark.

    That’s just gonna get worse when they’re teenagers, huh? 🙂

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