Busy Busy

Ok so im not like super busy but it sure feels that way. I have 2 loads of laundry to put away, my dining area/play area/ office area to clean up. The bedrooms to clean up. brennans mostly as its kinda a dumping ground for storage items. Plus more photo editing.

Oh and did i mention its a beautiful day? Well it is. Its looking pristine out there, from my third floor view, i can see the mountains and they are beautiful.

Im a wee bit frustrated with Brennan. HE spent the night with his grandparents last night, but this morning ( about 2 hours ago) he wanted to come home, so Don brought him home. Now he wants papa to come pick him up again and take him back with him. Im thinking, yes please. Because i really need the quiet time today to finish up my two photo sessions, im almost done! And get my house cleaned up.

And today i get to do it without the benifit of TV. Oh joy, in moving out our old TV stand last night and putting in a new one, someone broke the DVR box. What joy right? I had about 15 hours of DVRed home improovement shows. The ones i like to watch when im cleaning. They get me in the right mood to get things done. But it also means i cant put music on, or zone Brennan into a show so i can get some quiet work time going on.

Yes im spoiled. 🙂 arent we all. And every now and then i need that quiet time to do things, even if it means letting Brennan zone into backyardagins or some other nick jr kid show that he likes.

Well im just easting up my morning, so im just gonna stop and get off and start to try to get things done. If that makes any sense at all. 🙂



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