Super Tired

I am so tired this morning. Brennan woke me up around 6 30 AM. About an hour earlier then he should I wish i could have fallen asleep on the couch with him, but no such luck. We took a shower and Conner woke up very unhappy. After the shower i made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then Tony left for work, and im just here. Its 9 am and i want to go to bed. But the kiddos and all. Wide awake and bouncing off the walls. I wish i could be so peppy with the same amount of sleep. Bah.

We are going to start working on getting Conner to sleep in his own bed. I put him in his crib lastnight after nursing him, and he cried for about 10 minutes before going to sleep. I hope it stays this easy. Thr trick is not to go running when he cries. Not an easy thing to acomplish at all. But he really needs to be lkearning to sleep in his own bed. I dont sleep quite as well with him in mine. I sleep harder when he is in his bed.

Today i have Church then two more photo sessions. A friend and then my neighbor and her daughter. Im only about 1/2 way through one session from yesterday and havent even touched the other. I spent about 4 hours working last night. Sometimes this really takes a very long time… Some times its easy and the photos come out of the camera just how i like them. Other times i need to do the editing.

Tony has to put a door on a chicken coop today. Actually he has to make the door, then put it on. Build a railing for stairs up to a house and install a good winter door on another house. All for the same lady. But then he gets paid. Which is nice. 🙂  There are a few things i need to buy for my kitchen. Like some hard plastic containers to put flour and sugar in. I dont like having the open bags. Im rambling again. Gosh im so tired. Im going to go double up on vitamins and take some Emergen-C and see if that helps. Right now im regretting quitting caffine lol. That might have pepped me up this morning and i really need the pep today.

Ok i gotta go, 🙂


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