Dinosaur Eggs

We are going to try our hand at making dinoasur eggs. Out of paper mache. Im going to have to get the materials together. Right now i really wish i had a car so i could run to the store and get the materials, but as it is, i gotta wait untill Tony gets home. We are going to make balloon eggs then paper mache them, then paint them.

I also am going to have him make a few cool little paper mache cups so that we can put pens and whatnot in them. I figure its a good long project that Brennan can do to keep him busy after school.

He is grounded from watching his cartoons, so when he gets home i turn on the music channels for background noise and then ill get him settled at the table. I just have to find a way to keep conner out of it…

Oh crud, all i have is bread flour.. i need to go get some regular flour, some balloons, swing by my moms and pick up old newspapers, i dont have enough. Then over the next couple of days ill get some pains and brushes. I know i need everything for this project. I have 4 tubes of paint somewhere and some kiddie brushes somewhere, but its easier to just get new ones.

Oh know what, i dont need newspaper, i have colored construction paper, we can use that too. It would be fun…

Hmmm what other projects can we do?

*check out the links for ideas on paper mache*


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