Well we got the issues with my oldests SS# sorted out yesterday. Which is good news. And i changed my name ( 3 years into the marrage) So that i now have the same last name as my kids and husband. Legally.

Lets see, oh, you know how much it sucks to run out of gas about 1/4 of a mile from the gas station. Oh man does it ever! Hoping you dont get into a wreck as you try to coast into the station… Not fun. That was yesterday.

Tony also stained the table. First coat looks great. I love the darker wood color. 🙂 Very pretty, even ifi  intend to put the table cloth on it anyway. 😉

Anyway today is a bum day for me, not too sure what is going to go on, so im just gonna get off here and go find something to do. Rain makes me so.. .sluggish.



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