Old wood

So i have two pieces of furniture in my house…. Ok i have more then that, but for now, lets just focus. :)I have a very old Tea Cart. My mom thinks it was made in the 50/60s.It was hers but she decided she didnt have room for it. It has the origional finish on it. However its gotten a bit dinged up as well as the color is all off for my house.

I also have a 6 person kitchen table. It again, has been through my teenaged years ( and my brothers) and now has taken a beating thanks to my kids.

Im going to refinish both pieces. Im thinking Cherry or Mahogany colored finish. Rich and warm feeling. At least to me.

I know its not too hard  to refinish wood. First thing im going to have to do is run the sander over it. Now im lucky because my husband is private contractor ( he builds, remodles and finishes houses and the like) so i have an array of tools at hand. but an electric sander is around $100 for an inexpensive model. There are quite a few out there. That will take care of the large spaces on the carts. However the tea cart has a design on the legs and the legs of  the table are kinda different. Im going to have to hand sand those.

After sanding all that is left is to apply the stain. Followed by a seal to keep the wood safe and protected from my kids.

Im huge on not throwing things away. If i can find a reason to keep it I will. And even more so… if i can buy something to fix it up and use it, im even more interested… If you havent guessed i adore the HGTV network on tv, all those home improovement projects right there! OOHH im all excited. I think im gonna go clean something now. 😉

Have a good one! And refinish something!


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