Savvy shoppers

Allright you savvy shoppers you.  I know i LOVE agood deal. Im sure you do too! Who doesnt.

So clearence shopping is my passion. Oh man, i just bought 6 tops for me, 3 each for the kids, 2 for tony and a pair of jeans for me, for under $100. Wanna know the secrets???

Sears is like one of my top fav places to shop clearence. When they mark it down, They mark it down. To like 2.99 a shirt for ladies! Can we hear a collective gasp? And its not the crap clothes no one wants. There are alot of great outfits out there. I bought several skits 2 weeks ago for under $20. Cute ones too. Ok one of them was $9.99 but you wanna hash it out over a few cents?

So anyway, someone clued me into their clearence SITE online. Oh god. Talk about amazing. You wanna punch in what you are looking for. Like Ladies tops. The select your size. Its all in the side bars! and go through everything they have in your size. I was bummed because they had some cute cross wrap tops but only in smalls. Sorry, the girls havent shrunk yet, the babe is still attached to them. I fit a medium though! So really check it out.

They are kinda out of childrens clothes at the moment. BUT ladies and gents clothes, there are tons!  They even have undergarments and shoes.

In reality they have a whole section of clearence dedicated to everything in the store. So really you can go on their site and shop say their kitchen area, or bedding. But im a clothes shopper. My inner girl is screaming BUY THINGS BUY THINGS! And let me tell you…. its really hard to stay away from the baby section, even though my youngest is only 16 months old and still attached to me like glue. I cant help but want another little one….

Oh well.

Anyway get out there and SHOP!

P.s. Another great clearence site for shopping is Old Navy!

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